The Weirdest Reasons People Borrow Money

After last night’s dysfunctional presidential debate, with two presidential candidates out of touch and a debate moderator out of his element, we can all get a good laugh — at least this one isn’t at our expense., a financial information platform, asked 5,086 U.S. loan brokers and personal bankers “to reveal the weirdest reasons they’ve ever seen on a personal loan application.”

Ten of the weirdest reasons people have asked for personal loans are:

  1. buy a tiger
  2. Build a statue of a loved one
  3. To follow David Hasselhoff on tour across Europe
  4. To keep an affair secret
  5. Hiring an undisclosed celebrity to be present at the birth of her child
  6. To build a working replica of a trebuchet (a type of catapult)
  7. Disappear for a while
  8. Hire a cast of actors to recreate Game of Thrones’ Red Wedding for themselves
  9. To fund a trip to all the Applebees in the United States
  10. To obtain a qualification in taxidermy

This “top 10” alone is a lot to absorb, but if you want more, the full list of Loanry’s 20 Reasons can be found here. here. (Okay, getting an all-diamond mouthpiece is on the list.)

The fact is, over 20 million Americans had personal loan debt in 2019, more than double the number of people compared to 2012. Additionally, from 2015 to 2019, the number of people with personal loan debt personnel totaling over $30,000 had increased. 15%, according to Experian data.

When it comes to weird loan requests, Loanry sums it all up best.

“We cannot be certain, if any, of these successful loan applications,” the company says. “However, we encourage everyone to be careful when taking on debt, to use loans responsibly and to ensure that they use all financial avenues available to them to make the right choice.”

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