Scorpio to Capricorn: 4 Zodiac Signs Who Borrow Money and Never Return It

As friends, you will often find that you lend money to help a friend in need. While they may all promise to pay you back ASAP, only some would be quick to honor those financial commitments and quickly pay off the debt. The others would run to the end of the world just to avoid paying you back the money you lent them. Take a look at the zodiac signs that tend to borrow money and never return it.


Leos are very dependent on their friends and like to have tax advantages from their friends. This may mean that they often borrow with the promise to return your money. But chances are you’ll never see a penny of it again. If you’re friends with a Leo, be sure to offer them your friendship, but tighten your purse strings if they come asking for a loan!


Capricorns lead carefree lives and are daredevils when it comes to money. They will have no qualms about borrowing money if they need it. But they take risks with money and do it without much thought, which means they could in all possibility lose the money so they can’t give it back if you demand a refund.


Sagittarians are pure-hearted souls who would never want to harm you. However, they lack foresight and prudence when it comes to money. They often accidentally forget the debts they have accumulated. So, although you can lend them some money, you may never see it again because they may have already forgotten about it!

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Scorpio is a sign that is naturally selfish and often sees its own needs before considering the problems of others. Maybe that’s why they feel entitled to borrow large sums from relatives and best friends. The only problem is that returning the money is not a priority for Scorpio. They prefer to avoid phone calls from the friend if they hope to be reimbursed.

Disclaimer: Although these attributes are generic, they are primarily focused on your zodiac qualities; not all of the above traits are necessarily true for you.

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