‘Major’ Isn’t an Agenda-Driven Film: Director Sashi Kiran Ti…


Hyderabad, June 2 (IANS) The movie “Major”, which stars Adivi Sesh and tells the story of 11/26 martyr Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan, will be released on June 3. Director Sashi Kiran Tikka explained that “Major” is a story told from the perspective of Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s parents and the film has no agenda and is made for the audience to savor the emotions on their own.

”Major” is not a random, diary-based film,’ Sashi Kiran Tikka said. “It’s a natural story that allows the audience to soak up the emotions. While listening to the script, some actors and castmates started crying.

‘Prakash Raj and Revathi both burst into tears. Sometimes I too would get emotional. The performance of Revathi madame will make you cry,” he conveyed.

“During the attacks, 15 police officers and two NSG commandos were killed, including Sandeep Unnikrishnan. I hope one day their stories will be told the same way Sandeep’s was told.

The director says the screening of “Major” for Sandeep’s parents was an emotional experience as they were contacted by the crew for the simplest of details related to the martyrdom. “They would describe how their son reacted in a particular situation. Taking their feedback was like a litmus test for us. The story is the parents’ point of view,” said Sashi Kiran Tikka.

The director talked about small-big cinematic freedoms, which he tried to take advantage of, for “Major”.

“The majority of ‘Major’ was shot on location. At the same time, we had to be as authentic as possible. Certainly, some cinematic liberties were taken.

“The action sequences were created with the intention of being as commercial as possible. If the audience reactions at the premieres are any indication, the decision was well worth it.

”Major” was seen by Mahesh Babu sir (one of the producers). After watching the show, he was speechless for five minutes. We didn’t know if he liked the movie or not! Later, he came to us, hugged me and expressed his joy as he recognized us,” Sashi Kiran Tikka said.




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