Limestone Co. employee Sheriff testifies on how Mike Blakely would borrow money from law enforcement fund

An employee of the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office said Sheriff Mike Blakely regularly took $ 100 to $ 500 once or twice a week from the law enforcement fund.

Debbie Davis is responsible for tracking this money. She says the law enforcement fund has often been used as a petty cash. However, prosecutors clarified that the petty cash could not be used for personal gain.

Davis says she would do Post-It IOUs to have Blakely pay back the money he borrowed. She explained that it has been the policy since she started working in the sheriff’s office 18 years ago.

Davis says other employees sometimes did the same. However, prosecutors said Blakely was the only one who regularly had IOUs.

Now that law enforcement fund is separate from the inmate account. On Tuesday, a former employee said Blakely also took money from inmates. A state investigator discovered that Blakely had taken and paid back at least $ 29,000 from the inmates alone.

The defense argued that there was no shortage of money and that all detainees had access to money when they requested it.

It is not known how much Blakely took from law enforcement funds.

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