I used to borrow money to buy food – Ex-Chelsea striker Demba Ba

Former Chelsea striker Demba Ba has revealed how he used to borrow money to buy food as a young footballer.

Ba, who started his career in France, had a rough start as a professional footballer growing up.

The Senegalese, who got a contract worth £ 900 a month at fourth division club Rouen in France, said he had to borrow money just to feed himself for the first month.

“My first contract in Rouen [in the French fourth division] had been for € 1,063 net, per month, and I had to borrow € 300 the first month for food, ”Ba told The Athletic.

Ba also had tries at Watford, Swansea, Gillingham and Barnsley in his youth, but never ended up being offered a deal.

“90% of the time, the comments I received were: ‘We already have the same quality of player in the team. “

“They didn’t know I was training twice a week with amateurs at the time, not six times a week with professionals.

“I was told, ‘You are not good enough’, but I didn’t want to hear that, for me it was ‘You are not good enough for me’.

“I just refused to give up. I remember hand-writing letters to the top 40 clubs in France asking for a trial.

“I never thought about rejection, only the next chance.”

Ba announced his retirement from football on September 13, 2021.

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