Girl told to ‘borrow money’ by staff member after penalty at King’s Lynn station


An eyewitness overheard a member of Great Northern staff telling a young girl, who attends Lynn College, to “borrow money” after paying a fine at the train station.

The young girl was overheard saying, “If I pay for this, I won’t be able to go home.”

A female staff member told her, “Then you have to borrow money from someone.

Longer trains will run between King’s Lynn station (pictured) and Cambridge from December 2020 (51997106)

Several people lined up at Lynn Station to get tickets as they were unable to purchase one at Downham Station.

Most of them were college students.

The eyewitness said: “The barriers at Downham come down very early so it is impossible to come back to platform 1 to use the other cash machine.

“If there is a queue, it becomes difficult to buy a ticket.

“Usually it is not a problem to get a ticket at Lynn station if there are problems in Downham and it has been for a long time.

“I was confused to find out that we were being fined that morning, out of the blue.

“Most of the people were students in the queue, and £ 20 is a lot of money for them, sometimes all the money they have for the week.

“Who knows where it’s going? I understand that the staff at the station have a job to do, but they didn’t seem to accept that people were having trouble getting a ticket.

“It is not always possible to use the office or the other machine in Downham.

“I was particularly disgusted with the attitude of the female staff member towards the young girl, given the current concerns about the safety of women.

“I will appeal the fine.”

People have the option of paying a minimum of £ 4.40 when charged with a penalty, and 21 days to pay the fine.

If the tariff is not paid or is appealed, the fine will double.

Great Northern replied: “” At Downham Market there is a reservation desk and two ticket machines.

“Customers who board the services of this station without purchasing a ticket would be eligible for the payment of a fare penalty. On this occasion, our staff offered to pay a single rate, informing customers that they had 21 days to pay the remaining balance, or to appeal.


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