Don’t borrow money to buy votes, Jemiriye advises candidates

Nigerian Idol star Jemiriye advised candidates for the talent show against borrowing money to buy votes.

In a conversation with The PUNCH, the singer who was a finalist on the reality show in 2012, revealed that some former roommates had borrowed money to buy votes.

Jemiriye said these people were in double jeopardy because they did not win the show, but were in serious debt after being deported.

The singer said: “I have people who called me at the last show to tell me that their parents went to borrow a lot of money to vote. After the show, they owed so much.

“Don’t break the bank trying to impress people. Make sure your talent speaks for you. During my time, I handed out flyers for people to vote for me whenever they let us out. I didn’t make any effort to borrow money.

“I know people who were finalists, but they owed a lot of money. I felt really bad for them. Someone told me that the mother must have borrowed money from a cooperative.

“Your talent should be able to get people to vote for you. Don’t buy a vote and when you’re done with the show, what do you go back to? Believe in yourself and people will vote for you. If you can buy votes, why not? But that’s only if you can break the bank. But don’t borrow money. Don’t put your mother or your father in debt.

The Nigerian Idol star further gave him two cents on the backlash that a judge on the show, Seyi Shay, received due to his harsh criticism of the contestants.

“Honestly for me, as much as it’s a competition, people shouldn’t forget it’s a TV show. It must therefore be as entertaining as possible.

“Maybe Seyi has a script that says she should be tough while criticizing the candidates. They know why they put her there in the first place, but she was only doing her job.

“At the same time, it could have a lasting impression on applicants because whatever you tell them, they can follow it through their life’s journey and it can make them or ruin them.

“Even though I’m doing my job, I don’t want someone to feel like they’re nobody because my words carry a lot of weight. If I’m established and tell you that you can never be anything, the person can hang on to those words, enter the market and be successful, and then come back and say, “I told you I would get there ”. Someone can just hear those words and come home crying. So, I advise applicants not to take these words to heart. ”

She continued, “Judges are just human beings; some of the contestants are better than the judges, but by virtue of what they’ve done, they’re sitting there. Thus, applicants should work on themselves and not take someone’s word for it as it is the end of their life. It’s an entertainment show and they have a right to say it all.

The singer from Osun State recently released a song, Eko, to pay tribute to Lagos State where she grew up.

Speaking about the song, Jemiriye noted that she chose to sing a song for Lagos State because the land has made a lot of people prosperous in their lives.

She further stated that she will continue to release several songs throughout the year.

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