Amitabh Bachchan had to borrow money from staff to put food on the table, reveals Abhishek Bachchan


Actor Abhishek Bachchan in a podcast appearance spoke of the financial difficulties his family went through in the 90s when his father Amitabh Bachchanthe business enterprise collapsed. Amitabh found himself with millions in debt, and it was at this point that Abhishek decided to drop out of college in the United States and return to India to be with his family.

On The Ranveer Show, Abhishek described how dire the situation had become and said his father had to borrow money from his staff in order to put food on the table. He also revealed the advice Amitabh gave him when he told him he wanted to be an actor.

Abhishek said his family was going through very difficult financial times and felt that as a son he needed to be with his father. The actor said there isn’t much he can do, but wants to be there for moral support. “He likes to know his family is there. I can’t sit in Boston and my dad doesn’t know how he’s going to have dinner. That’s how serious it was, and he said it publicly. He had to borrow money from his staff to put food on the table. I just felt morally obligated to be with him, ”Abhishek said.

He said he called Amitabh and wanted to leave college and go home to be with him. He said his father was very emotional and touched. They had already discussed how Abhishek wanted to become an actor. Amitabh said he was happy and asked him to come back. He also advised her to learn the language, “because Shakespeare doesn’t work here.”

Amitabh’s ABCL company crashed in the 90s, and the actor has often explained how producers stopped offering him films during this time. He rebounded with the support of his family and after being offered a lead role in Mohabbatein and the hosting concert at Kaun Banega Crorepati. Abhishek was most recently seen in Bob biswas.


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