Your House Clinic – Escape the routine through a massage.

Activities such as jogging, swimming, dancing or walking are just some of the most frequent recommendations when it comes to getting rid of stress. However, we are generally too exhausted due to the daily agitation to perform them. Ironically, being very tired can even prevent you from falling asleep. A massage can be all you need to release stress, improve energy, rest and really relax.

If you are looking for a Massage Therapist Toronto, you should only go to 102 – 270 Wellington Street West, where you will find Your House Clinic, a luxurious massage therapy studio whose services include: Swedish massage, massage before and after pregnancy, sports massage, infant massage, trigger point massage, deep tissue massage, soft tissue massage, relaxing massage and lymphatic drainage massage. At Your House Clinic you will find Registered Massage Therapy, always ready to give you the best relaxation experience.
The healing power of a massage therapy is scientifically proven. In addition to reducing stress, a good massage can help eliminate toxins or improve blood circulation, relieve muscle or back pain, combat headaches and depression, improve breathing and ensure a deeper sleep and true rest. A massage will help you achieve the degree of relaxation that your body and your mind need.
At Your House Clinic, you can be attended by appointment and your price scale is $ 80 for 45 minutes of massage, $ 100 for 60 minutes of massage and $ 130 for a 90-minute massage.
We have professionals in the area of relaxation able to make us feel very well, relaxed and with lots of energy for our daily tasks, do not wait any longer and contact us! Escape the routine of the city and give yourself a moment of wellbeing no longer has to be something difficult to achieve, Your House Clinic is the place for you.

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