What is Crypto Coding and used?

Today there are lot of coding languages which are used to create a lot of software or manufacture advance devices. But when it comes to some private information, then it need to be coded in such a way that no unwanted person can acquire someone’s personal information. This information can be used by hackers for some bad purposes. The code written by any programmer is a method which is basically used to encrypt and convert the message which is used to operate. There are lots of code that exists and are after converted to know the real meaning. Today most of the exams hold this type of crypto code questions.

About Crypto Coding
These codes are basically defined with the help of some notation or some of the physical codebooks. These codebooks are the dictionaries where a group of codes and meaning are listed. There are lot of ways of coding the same text or element into various notation. All this type of notation is defined with the help of the dictionaries consisting of meaning of codes. Crypto Code are trending way to code some written statements now a day.

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