What Exactly Can WiFi Do For You?

More and more about the New York City Subways, you’re starting to see signs that say “This Station is Today WiFi Connected”. Beyond placing in fundamental cellular antennas in metro stations, the Metro Transit Authority is seeking to go the extra mile by incorporating real joinable open WiFi networks at Subway Stations across town. The NYC Subway is not the only ones getting in the action. Walk in to any Library or Starbucks from town and you’ll be shown an alternative for free social wifi having hardly any questions asked.

Questions in this instance typically mean a service acknowledgement or openness to see an advertisement from a sponsor of that particular system, but the notion here is clear. With every passing financial quarter, the obstacles between your device and a reachable WiFi system are coming down. Even cell phone companies are starting to understand that there may be a marketplace to generate the mobile phone business more competitive.
Given these tendencies it’s safe to state that your business will seem neanderthalic if it doesn’t have a WiFi network available for its own employees. This goes for businesses of any size, make sure it fortune 500 institutions right down to tiny startups. In today’s market everyone is carrying a mobile device makes it one issued by the employer or caused by a worker so the unavoidable reality is that you require good WiFi on your office. In reality, beyond a social wifi system for your workers, it may be quite good for business relationships to truly have a public WiFi system which may be employed by guest and personal devices. These small touches can go a long way toward moving the picture of your business at a more legitimate and professional leadership.

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