Online gaming advantages and disadvantages

Online gaming is the fast growing trend today on internet among youngsters. By keeping that in mind, it is useful and harmful for them. It can harm you kids if they get addicted to them for long hours.


PC Games online can make your kid sharper and active mentally. Generally, the game has got different levels or mission to accomplish in certain time. It will definitely help them in learning how to manage time.

There will be coordination between mind and hand. It is the most common and best benefit kids can experience while playing free games online. He or she will learn how to coordinate their mind with action using hands. To execute those action, they will develop some mental strength too

Kids will become active socially by interacting and playing with strangers online. Also it helps them in social life.

Internet is the open place they can access easily lot of information. They download games from reputed websites that way it may result in games download viruses, spam or malicious software

Some are there to find ways for taking advantages of such kids. They are cheated and fooled even abused online.

Even though these drawbacks are in online gaming, still parents can protect their kid from becoming a victim of online attacks. Since gaming is useful for kids, so parents should not ban them completely from playing free games. Rather your kids must follow some strict rules:

Teach kids that they should keep personal information about them secret, not to share with unknown sites or stranger
Password is required to access online games. They should not share password with their friends or anybody to avoid getting hacked or cheated

Not to trust other players who they meet online

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