Money compared to bitcoins

Man during the early times after the advent of civilization, came up with the idea of overthrowing the concepts of barter system and have a system instead that could give them better benefits. And that system came out to be the system of money where currency was exchanged for the things that people wanted to purchase for their consumption, or any other use. Money has given everything that can be traded in the open market a price value that is ratio of monetary units that need to be exchanged with that of the commodity.

The money has also eliminated the need for double coincidence of wants where people need not find other man who has to purchase his own and exchange his own good for the other man’s good. This was a major drawback and caused not transaction to trigger at first. But now money has resulted into its eradication. The money has also been used to store value for the future where no loss of value, or a little loss of money served the interests of the traders really very well. The money did not also want a place to kept as much large as required by the cattles or stocks in which money used to be stored.

But when bitcoin exchange are compared to the money forms, the money needs a physical space from they could be stolen or lost. However with the online trading systems, the bitcoin exchanges need not to be traded physically and hence there shall sustain no loss of wealth with the bitcoins. And therefore to buy bitcoins and dealing in them to make payments is much feasible and better than that of the monetary methods. The best bitcoin exchanges, thus stand tall at the times where monetary measures seem to falter, and consequently provide a better trading world to the current business traders.

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