How does the electric dog collar helpful?

Electric dog collar are training collar, first used in 1960s .nowadays dog collars are used to curb the behavior of dogs who are stubborn also used to train puppies to remain safe. Collars should never be messed up with punishments for the dogs. It is just used to train dogs to be safe. The theory used behind electric collar is that whenever the dogs get the shock it will stop repeating the mistake for what shock was ultimately given. The shock is fully safe and Dogs are not harmed in any way. There are several levels of shocks on the collar. Once the collar is set to shock mode, vibration or beep sound may be heard whenever the shock is given. The remote controller provided helps you to restrict the activities of the dog by the shock.

There are wide range of methods that are been used by the trainer to train the dog.

But in reality very few owners use electric dog collar .Many things are kept in mind before selecting an appropriate method of training. These include the type of dog. Its appearance, habits etc. Its use has always been controversial. The researches were organized to identify the owners who use electric collar for their Dogs and the result of its use. The conclusion was that it proved to be a successful device and the results were positive. These collars are well known for its efficiency.

Recent studies have found that the use of collars results in depression among the dogs and the level increases with time. The negative reactions among the dogs were also noticed. The training collar must only be used by experts who have complete knowledge about it. The regular use of the collar may be harmful at times. Henceforth electric dog collar must be used with caution and guidance.

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