HDTV Antenna Benefits

An Internet design for making a tiny popularized tabletop tv antenna is known as a “coat hanger” or “cat-whisker” kind. The one described in this informative article is patterned after it, even though it is changed and bigger, As an alternative to utilizing coat hangers or high-priced solid copper wire to make it, this bigger one uses low-cost one-inch strips of thin sheet-aluminum instead. These strips will pick-up TV signals good. In the end, most TV antennas are manufactured from aluminum.

Components (from discount hardware/electronics stores)

• Wood plank: one 1×3-inch x 6-feet ($3); refuse functions nicely.
• Measure-flashing panels or equivalent: seven 8×8-inches, hin aluminum ($0.60 each)
• Solid aluminum wire or similar: two 6-feet spans, 12-14-gage ($3)
• Reflectors: two pieces of heavy cardboard, 2×3-feet each, having one side covered with aluminum foil folded around their borders ($2). Note: light metal cage or wire-net also functions for reflectors.
• Staples or screws: little ones for attaching the reflectors to the rear side of the antenna board.
• Coaxial TV cable: enough to join the antenna to the TV(s) $10-25

How to make it

This antenna is broken up into two identical parts whose combined receptions are brought to the balun. Each half looks like a row of tiny rabbit ears (V’s) attached to the rims of the plank.
1. On the flat side of the plank, put a pencil mark 2-inches from every end of it. Between both of these marks, make 11 more marks equally spaced to provide a total of 13 equally spaced ones about 5.7-inches apart.
2. At these marks 5/8-inches from the top and lower rims of the plank, drill 3/16-inch screw holes. This technique makes two 13-hole rows over the top and lower rims of the level side.

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