Cut the use of a Graphic designer, use these free marketing tools for small business

Despite shooting excellent pictures, it’s sometimes necessary to edit your image. It’s necessary to edit images so as to increase their attractiveness and quality and hence improving their value. As your business will expand it will be necessary for you to edit images for your website and social media etc. Here is some free image editing tools are given which will help you to improve your webpage and social media. These free online marketing tools can be really helpful to kick-start a small business.

Piktochart: As your business will grow and expand you will be needed to incorporate info-graphics and other visuals so as to attract your reader to social media. Piktochart is also amongst the tools which help in introducing info-graphics in your image editing software. It is free to sign up and then you will be easily designing your web pages and social media with info-graphics.

Pixlr: Pixlr is one of the best image editing software as it is not as hale as adobe photoshop. In Pixlr you can easily upload the image and give changes to it as you wish. It is free of cost and does not require any license to use it. : is different from other info-graphic generator tools as other tools have a limited library of templates but has an extensive amount of library of templates which gives a lot of options to choose amongst. It is also free of cost and you can easily make use of it.

Social Image Resizer Tool: Generation and edition of the image are as important as the size of the image. In order to make your webpage impressive, you need to make sure that the images are sized correctly.

Meme generator: Memes are very trending these days and in order to improve your webpage and social media instead of images you can also use memes. You can great memes with this meme generator.

Thus, these online marketing tools for small business help in increasing your business as they make your webpage look attractive not by just editing the images but also by creating memes.

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